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Prestige Pickleball Club
Serve, Volley, Connect
 in Northvale, NJ

Owned by Andrea Cancro and supported by the expertise of Premier Pickleball, Prestige Pickleball Club is more than just a sports facility; it's a passion-driven endeavor aimed at bringing the joy of pickleball to enthusiasts like you. Andrea Cancro's dedication to the sport, coupled with Premier Pickleball's legacy under the ownership of Kevin Smith, guarantees a pickleball experience like no other.


We're thrilled to welcome you to Prestige Pickleball Club, where every match is an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with fellow pickleball enthusiasts. 

Meet the Visionaries Behind Prestige

Andrea Cancro 
A Visionary Media Executive and Passionate Pickleball Enthusiast

Andrea Cancro Pickleball Head Shot

Andrea Cancro is not just a renowned media executive; she embodies the spirit of leadership, drive, and integrity. With extensive experience across diverse sectors, Andrea has consistently delivered exceptional results, making her mark as a high-performing and dynamic leader. Her journey in the corporate world has been defined by her ability to successfully manage communication and media strategies for multiple Fortune 100 companies, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.


Beyond her noteworthy career, Andrea is a devoted single mother. Her dedication and resilience shine through as she raises her two young children, an 8-year-old and a 3-year-old, with love, care, and unwavering commitment.

In addition to her impressive professional and parenting roles, Andrea is also an avid pickleball player, rating herself at a competitive 3.25 level. With three decades of experience in marketing and media, she brings her strategic mindset and passion for the game to the pickleball court, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in every aspect of her life.

Taking her passion for pickleball to new heights, Andrea is the proud owner of Prestige Pickleball Club, a hub for pickleball enthusiasts located in Northvale, New Jersey. As the club's owner, Andrea is not only shaping the local pickleball community but also contributing to the sport's growth and popularity in the region.


Andrea Cancro's journey is a testament to her unwavering determination, leadership, and passion for both her professional endeavors and the sport of pickleball. Her story inspires others to pursue their passions, embrace challenges, and achieve greatness.

 Kevin Smith
A Passionate Pickleball Enthusiast and Ambassador

In the vibrant world of pickleball, where passion meets skill, Kevin Smith stands as a true ambassador for the sport. He took over Premier Pickleball in May of 2022 from Barbara Norton and Patty Corn.


Kevin, a retired police officer with an unwavering passion for sports, brought with him a wealth of experience as the owner of the largest “Over 35” adult baseball league in New Jersey, Play at The Plate New Jersey. Alongside his baseball endeavors, Kevin is a certified PPR Pickleball Instructor, a testament to his dedication to the game.

Kevin Smith lives in Waldwick, NJ with his wife Mary. Kevin and Mary's shared pickleball journey is nothing short of remarkable. Together, they have clinched over 75 medals during their 7-year adventure in the sport.


 Their tenacity and skill have propelled them to compete in tournaments across the country, earning accolades such as the prestigious Gold Medal at the US Open in Naples, Florida, and numerous other victories, including a recent Gold at the NY Open and US Open in 2023. What sets them apart is their exceptional partnership on the court – one of the rare husband and wife teams that not only competes together but also harmoniously shares a life beyond the game.

Under Kevin and Mary's leadership, Premier Pickleball has flourished. With a dedicated staff comprising 15 PPR and IPTPA certified instructors, Premier Pickleball continues to thrive, fostering a community of passionate players who share the love for the game. 


The journey to introduce new players to pickleball has expanded to multiple locations, offering instruction and open play hours. The newest partnership with Prestige Pickleball will continue to bring pickleball excellence, inviting players of all levels to join a community bound by their shared love for the game. 

Premier Pickleball Logo

What Sets Prestige Pickleball Apart

1. Elite Court Facilities: Prestige boasts five regulation size courts, providing the perfect arena for thrilling matches and skill development. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, our courts offer an ideal environment to refine your game.


2. Practice Area: Sharpen your skills in our member-only practice area, designed for dinking, drop shots, and advanced techniques. Here, you can refine your game at your own pace, supported by top-notch facilities.


3. Perfect for Events: Prestige isn't just a pickleball center; it's a vibrant community space. With a private well-appointed party room, we're your go-to destination for corporate events, team building activities, and unforgettable birthday parties for both kids and adults.

4. Inviting Lounge Areas: Take a break and unwind in our beautifully furnished lounge areas, strategically placed for optimal views of the play area. Enjoy the action-packed games while relaxing in comfort.


5. All Levels Welcome: Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned player seeking a challenge, Prestige Pickleball Club is open to players of all levels. Our experienced instructors and welcoming community ensure an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.

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